From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

It is the church season of ordinary time at the thrift store.  However, there is nothing ordinary happening inside.  A well-dressed man comes in and donates the sweater off his back, then marches back out without a word.  A group of Mennonite women come and purchase a load of black shoes, puzzles, and men’s clothing.  Most extraordinary of all, a cash donation of $1,000 is found in the poor box at the Catholic church across the street.  Jane knows to never have expectations of God because He will surprise you every day.

Most mornings I wake up thinking I have a pretty good idea of what will happen that day.  But it seems that every time I turn around, there’s a surprise from God.  Earlier this year I made the decision to switch careers.  It was scary at first, but I kept applying for things I could do and had a couple of interviews.  One Sunday, I see my current position advertised in our church bulletin.  I applied thinking it would be great, but not expecting anything.  A couple of weeks later, I was offered the job and it has been a great source of peace for me these past few months.  God proved once again that I could trust him.

  1. When has God surprised you with something?
  2. When has God come through for you at the last minute?

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