Friendship vs. Betrayal, Part 1

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Jane receives a call from the policeman who is investigating the theft of her wallet from a few chapters back.  The name of their suspect coincidentally matches the name of a regular customer at the thrift store who will soon be coming in to pick up a Christmas basket of donations for his family.  Jane decides to leave the store and spend some time with God to sort out her frustration, but ends up returning to the store because she knows it’s where she belongs.

I can’t imagine how Jane felt in this situation.  If it were me, I think my dominant emotions would be anger and betrayal.  To be stolen from is always a frustrating situation, let alone when it’s someone you know.  Reading this story reminded me of how Jesus must have felt when Peter betrayed Him three times.  In light of this story, I am in awe of the fact that Jesus still chose to die for Peter, and everyone else, who had wronged Him.

  1. How do you think you would respond if you were in Jane’s position?
  2. How does this story affect your thoughts on Jesus’ willingness to die for the ungodly?

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