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This is our final chapter in Thrift Store Graces!  Jane focuses on the concept of gifts and how everyone, no matter who we are or where we’re from, is a gift to others.  The rich and the poor, the clergy and laity all have their gifts to share.  Jane talks about community and how the community only works if we not only give ourselves as gifts, but also if we accept the gift of others in our lives.

In my experience, one of the most profound ways to encounter Christ is in a Christian community.  My childhood parish gave me a good start with this and I’ve been seeking out such communities ever since.  Some people make it difficult to remember that they have gifts to share, but that doesn’t mean their gifts aren’t important.  I am challenged every day to acknowledge the gifts in others and to continually offer my gifts to the communities I am a part of.  Thanks for reading Thrift Store Graces with me!  Come back next week to see what book will follow!

  1. What gifts has God given you?
  2. What gifts do you see in those around you?

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