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Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day! For some Catholics, Valentine’s Day will either go uncelebrated or celebrated on another day of the week. For others, Valentine’s Day will be looked upon as a solemnity out-ranking Ash Wednesday. Our church is full of diverse viewpoints, for better or worse.

I’ve decided that the bizarre combination is not so bad (and it may even make some sense) to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, together, and not downplay either one at the expense of the other. “Ashtine’s Day”–yes, I just renamed it–should be a day when we show those in our lives how much we love them; and love involves sacrifice.

I am a choc-o-holic.There is no getting around it. I think it is a genetic predisposition, because my mother was a choc-o-holic and so was my grandmother. So, to honor Ashtine’s Day I’ve decided to forgoe the chocolate giving, because I end up eating the left overs. Instead, I plan to buy Stacy some ribbon candy. Neither of us like it. This way, Stacy, who is committed to healthy eating, is not tempted and neither am I. Lent is also about struggling with and overcoming temptations, in case you didn’t know. So to remind us of our love for each other, which is rooted in sacrifice, I think we’ll keep a bowl of ribbon candy on our coffee table this Lent.

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