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1 Jan, 2018

Who wants to see baby Jesus?

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Epiphany is my favorite holiday. Each year I organize a parish Epiphany fair so everyone can share my enthusiasm and have some good ‘ole fashioned family fun. That morning when I left early for Mass I mentioned to my barely awake husband and four-year-old twins, “Today’s the day!  The wise men have come to see [...]

25 Dec, 2017

Preparing our hearts and home for Jesus

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One of the most wonderful gifts of Catholicism is our Liturgical Calendar. The Church gives us a heads up in regards to our two biggest feast days with the seasons of Lent and Advent. While Advent is about half the length of Lent, it is an opportune time to prepare ourselves for the celebration of [...]

25 Dec, 2017

From Alcatraz to San Quentin

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This week, Kerry is working towards the Corporal Work of Mercy of visiting the imprisoned.  She is in California where she begins by touring Alcatraz Island.  It seems very surreal to Kerry that Alcatraz once housed some of America’s most notorious prisoners and now is a tourist destination with a gift shop where people buy [...]

18 Dec, 2017

It’s about giving…right?

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The Walmart commercial that’s airing right now, calling for “a little more joy for Christmas” impresses me, not only because it dares to say Christmas instead of “the Holidays,” but because it is so happy and expectant. Sure, Walmart is encouraging people to come to buy cheap, extraneous goo to fill our homes with material [...]