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12 Sep, 2017

Getting Real with God

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Our faith in Christ can exist on many levels, from the most superficial to the deepest and most intimate. We see this same spectrum present in the Gospels. Some people encountered Jesus and went about their merry way, taking nothing from the experience and, as a consequence, remaining unchanged. Others, like the Apostle Thomas who [...]

13 Jul, 2017

Reflections on the National Convocation on Evangelization

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I had the privilege of attending the National Convocation on Evangelization in Orlando, FL a couple of weeks ago. What a gathering! Almost all of the dioceses in our country were represented by delegation. The keynotes were exceptional and most of the breakouts offered practical wisdom for going out to the margins of our church [...]

9 May, 2017


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Discipleship might be an unfamiliar word for Catholics. It is used often in Protestant communities, particularly the Evangelical and Non-denominational. Yet, it ought to be a word that all Christians understand and hold dear because it describes what we are called to be. From the moment of our baptism the Lord calls us to discipleship; [...]

7 Mar, 2017

Lent as a Time to be Stretched

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The word "Lent" literally means "to lengthen" or "to stretch"--a fitting name for a season inspired by Jesus' time alone in the wilderness, his fasting and temptations. Let me first say that if you are already struggling to keep your Lenten promise(s) . . . that's totally normal! Lent should stretch you, make you push [...]

7 Feb, 2017

Making Quality Time

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In light of the first issue of Home Faith magazine, published by the SJEC and due out in parishes this March, I thought I would say a few things about the importance of spending quality time with family members during Lent. Let's face it, in today's fast-paced world, having quality time with others can be [...]

11 Jan, 2017

Family Time with Jesus

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    Recently my family (Stacy and I, Mikey, Ben, Jo Jo, and Grace) started meeting at night for prayer. You could say it's our version of the Ignatian daily examen: a type of reflective prayer which helps people do the following life changing things: 1. Become more aware of God’s presence. 2. Review the day [...]

9 Nov, 2016

A Call to Prayer

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A Call to Prayer Prayer. Who needs it? We all do! Prayer is a way of connecting with something larger than ourselves--a way of understanding ourselves and our world in a broader context. For Christians, prayer is the way to connect with Jesus Christ, who is the source and summit of all life. Praying for [...]