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4 Dec, 2017

Advent in the home: “I found Jesus!”

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“I found Jesus!” proudly proclaimed my daughter. We weren’t hosting a revival in the living room, rather, a quick search in the basement for our errant plastic Savior for the nativity set. She reverently handed the figurine to me and pulled out the rest of the set before trudging upstairs to play with it. The [...]

27 Nov, 2017

Journey Through the Stations

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This week Kerry reflects on an experience praying the Stations of the Cross.  She admits that she’s found the meditation boring in the past, but something is different this time.  She feels as though she’s actually on a journey letting herself get lost in the readings and reflections offered at each station.  She also recalls [...]

27 Nov, 2017

Was Jesus Catholic?

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My mom had great news to share as I walked in the door.  “You’ll never guess what Lucas said,” she bragged. “He said that Jesus is Cath-o-lick.” And she beamed as she said this.  It was as if my four-year-old had found the cure for cancer. “That’s great, Mom.” I replied, trying to keep my [...]