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Click on the tabs below for parish baptism prep details, parish resources, and parent resources.

For parents, expecting parents, and godparents

Preparing for Your Child’s Baptism
Before Your Baby’s Baptism
Why Godparents Matter
A Guide to Catholic Baptism
Choosing Godparents
Being a Godparent booklet

My child is baptized…now what?

Growing Up Catholic (for parents)
Raising Your Child Catholic
The Integrated Catholic Life
Teaching Kids About Baptism
The Catholic Company
Catholic Kids (Loyola Press)

Here are things you can do with your child until they are old enough to attend religious education classes.  

Check below to see when your parish offers baptism preparation classes or a phone number for the parish office.

  1. All Saints     265-5501
  2. Assumption    999-2239
  3. Basilica of St John    3rd Sunday of the month; call  244-3101 to register.
  4. Christ the King    285-2888
  5. Holy Trinity    255-3162  ext 1128
  6. Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart   1st Tuesday of the month @ 7pm; call  964-3038 to register.
  7. Our Lady of the Americas   266-6695
  8. Our Lady of Nazareth   2nd Tuesday of the month; call 276-4042 to register.
  9. Sacred Heart   222-6414
  10. St Ambrose Cathedral   288-7411 ext 205
  11. St Augustine   274-4321
  12. St Anthony   244-4709
  13. St Boniface   987-4597
  14. St Catherine’s   271-4747
  15. St Francis   223-4577
  16. St John (Adel)   993-4482
  17. St John (Norwalk)   720-9352
  18. Sts John & Paul (Altoona)  Classes held 6:30-8:00pm Jan 17, Mar 21, May 16, July 18, Sept 19; call 967-3796 to register.
  19. St Joseph    266-2226
  20. St Luke’s    1st Saturday of Feb, May, Aug, Nov; call 964-1278 to register
  21. St Mary-Holy Cross (Elkhart)  367-2685
  22. St Peter’s    1st Sunday of the month; call 266-1160
  23. St Pius X  276-2059
  24. St Theresa  279-4654

Infant & Early Childhood Baptism Preparation Program 

PowerPoint Part 2
PowerPoint Part 1

The SJEC has published a facilitator’s guide for baptism preparation classes!  It is already being used in many parishes to conduct classes for parents.  The guide includes everything facilitators need to have classes under the guidance of their pastor.  Scripted text, resource suggestions, and activities are included.  Also, there are two PowerPoint presentations that accompany the program.  Click to the left and the right above to download these presentations for previewing.  If your parish would like more information about how to adopt this program for your baptism preparation classes, contact us at the email on the top left corner of the webpage.