A Sign of Contradiction

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It is Ash Wednesday in New York City.  Kerry finds herself wondering if the ashes on her forehead are something that brings her closer to others or something that makes her stand apart from them.  She’s used to seeing lots of folks with the familiar forehead smudge in the city, but this is not the case in other places.  Also, the homily from her priest that day reminds her that our goal as Christians is not just to avoid the bad, but to do good.

For all my adult life, I’ve had the privilege of working in Catholic institutions.  The ashes on my forehead at the start of Lent were no more strange than the clouds in the sky.  I wonder how this would be different if I were to attend morning Mass then go to work somewhere that was not Catholic.

For your reflection:

  1. Do you feel that exterior signs of faith bring unity or division and why?
  2. How do you respond when someone recognizes that you are Catholic?

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